Kansas City, Missouri.

 Kansas City, Missouri.

- Desiree Maas - 


You must understand the pride and love I have for my city before you get introduced to it. Kansas City is like a hidden gem in the middle of the sea, it does not ask to be seen, but gladly receives whoever will take the time to search it out. Many come to this city on business or in passing, hitting the commonly known sites and then leaving with the idea that they saw all there was to see, when really the surface had yet to even be scratched. It is like having an acquaintance or a life-long friend. You can learn a lot about someone in just a few days or weeks of knowing that person, but it takes time and a little effort to truly open up to and know a friend that you will have for a lifetime. As many cities in America have the satisfaction of the acquaintance aspect of getting to see a city, Kansas City is one of those life-long friend investments that cultivate something unique and special. All of that said I have been able to watch my city grow, change and develop in so many ways. I know many people from here feel the same way. Now that you understand the dedication of Kansas Citians, you can understand the pleasures of learning about the places we saw grow and develop into what it is today. Now let’s introduce you to the place I call home.



Venturing out to new and old places is what I take pleasure in most, and it is always better when you take someone you care about with you. A normal free day for me would be grabbing a cup of coffee or drink from one of my three favorite places.

The first would be Second Best Coffee Shop. Though the location may deceive you, when you step through those doors you get the feeling of stepping into an urban city vibe. With bike racks lining the wall for cycling enthusiasts, and the simple, but incredible menu in front of you, you will sure want to set up shop here for a fair few hours. Also, their seasonal syrups tend to blow your tastebuds away, along with a wide range of different brewing styles and the most traditional of espresso's, this place is my go to most days.




When wanting to escape the crowds of people I would usually bump in to, Quay is the spot for me, a coffee shop off the river along the old brick roads, with it’s open windows and tiny volt shop, it makes you feel the freedom of un plugging and having a delightful conversation with a friend or reading a good book.



Little Freshie is a great place for a snow cone or lemonade on a hot summer day here in KC. It is sure to put a smile on your face when you enter. Make sure you bring all your buddies as its a fun adventure and the perfect instagram opportunity.






When it comes to food, KC is the place to be. A good meal makes for a happy me, so this is kinda my favorite section. I will narrow it down, but more will come in future posts.


First would be Local Pig – Pig Which. A butcher shop inside and a food truck view waiting for you outside. It provides local farmer cuts and a delicious menu with the fresh meats incorporated inside. A hearty meal that pleases the appetites.




Second would be Blue Stem. It is a fine dining restaurant with the best chef in the Midwest. All day happy hour and fine dining meals that meet my kind of budget, the lounge is the section where I always go to eat.  With a warm vibe, this restaurant started here in KC and an atmosphere perfect for an evening out. 




Third would be Heirloom. When you walk in you feel as though you stepped into someone's sunroom with greenery everywhere. This bakery has an open kitchen and it feels like your grandma is preparing her favorite pie right in front of you. Best experienced with your favorite bread lover for brunch or late after noon meals. And yes, they have gluten free options as well.





A girl always needs to know the best places to shop and treat herself or bring back a souvenir for the family


 Hammerpress is a local letterpress print shop and design studio. It's a great place to find quirky, unusual and unique souvenirs and stationary. Their creations are stunning.




West Side Storey is another one of KC’s finest shops with it being partially an antique shop and partially a place to buy KC gear to wear proudly.





Union Station is the place to go when you want to find a rustic and gorgeous structure built in the 18th century. This history of early Kansas City comes alive in this building and they have some of the yummiest coffee in town inside. If you want a grand view of Kansas City and Union Station, head up to the War Memorial and you will get some incredible photos of the skyline.




The Nelson Atkins Art Museum is another place that wont cost you a cent. With an extensive art collection from all around the world and giant badminton balls in the front lawn, you will find yourself walking through time and experiencing some of the great art pieces in history. Also note, its the perfect place to explore day or night, though the actual museum is closed during the night hours, the grounds are open to explore.




The River Market is my place to purchase produce or fresh picked flowers. It is right next to Quay and near the river which is perfect for a leisurely stroll with some farm fresh cherries and your coffee in hand. My favorite way to spend a Sunday.



I hope this helped you get an insight into some of the treasures that my Kansas City holds. It is fast becoming one of the most popular up and coming places to live, so be sure to keep your eye on it, and plan a trip out here, especially in the Fall.

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