Our Top 10 Travel Tips

- Top 10 Travel Tips -

These are a few traveling tips that we have always found so helpful and useful while we travel. We just couldn't help but share them with you. We hope they are helpful to you in your days of traveling and exploring the world. 

1.     Travel On Off Seasons/Holidays - To avoid the peak in prices and busyness of airports and highways, try to plan your trips around the popular seasons and holidays. If you are going overseas be aware of their peak season and unique holidays that you may not be aware of.


2.     Research – I can’t begin to explain the difference in planning ahead with researching your destination when traveling both for business or pleasure. Look up restaurants, sites, coffee shops, shopping, etc, that you like for business meeting and free time on your trip. Especially if you are not familiar with your destination, find out what is near where you are staying and the city you are in. It never hurts to reach out to locals either.


3.     Pack Extra Cash – For emergencies or just to keep handy have some extra cash on hand to use when traveling. Some places don’t except debit or credit cards and cash is always helpful to avoid any inconvenience.


4.     Pack Earplugs or headphones – It is always a must to have a set of earplug for long or short flights. There is always that baby who won’t stop crying or those ladies who won’t stop talking and earplugs are the best to mute everything out and increase the enjoyment of your flight.


5.     Audiobooks/Podcasts – Though movies and shows can be a common source for entertainment, a good audiobook or podcast can be just as enjoyable for the travelers who want to pack light and watch the people around them or look out the window when on a train, taxi or bus.


6.     Compare Vendors – Use sites like skyscanner and priceline to compare multiple different sites in one go. Always check before you book with them as to whether they charge a booking fee though and if they do, go check out the site or vendor directly and see if you can avoid that. If you are travelling in the US, Priceline is an awesome website to use, especially if you are flexible with your travel times. You can bid for cheaper flights, accommodation and car rentals, so you can have a more affordable adventure.


7.     Get Insurance – I couldn’t stress this enough. As a travel agent, time and time again, I have heard stories of people travelling without insurance and regretting it deeply. Insurance is really not that expensive and well worth the investment if anything goes wrong, especially if you are travelling overseas.


8.     Research Sim Cards – If you are the kind of explorer that loves to keep in contact with family or still post photos without wifi, research local sim cards that you can use for your phone while away, specifically overseas. It’s worth the $40-$50 you spend so you can be contactable.


9.     Make a Rough Plan – Wherever you travel, make a rough plan with whoever you are travelling with. Keep communication clear and open as this will ensure you get as much in as possible. Don’t be afraid to change plans though, be flexible, but have an idea of what you want to do before you get there. This can prevent many an argument or regret.


10. Take Essential Medication – After many a trip overseas or interstate, being far away from known pharmacy’s or even English speaking ones, the best advice anyone gave me was pack medication for emergencies. Here’s some I suggest; Ibuprofen, Gastro Stop, Travel Calm, Melatonin and antihistamine tablets.



Feel free to add in any travel tips you have below in our comments section, we wanna know what you think.