Our Travel Essentials


We wanted to give you adventurers a list of things that we would never leave home without, no matter the adventure. Whether it be a day trip, a camping trip, a road trip or one that takes you on a plane, here are our must haves;




Phone, Camera, Polaroid (anything that takes a photo).

This is definitely a no brainer and one that you guys will remember every time I am sure, but we definitely see this as our number one. One of the best parts about adventuring is going back over the photos afterwards, editing your photos and reliving the moments. If you don’t want to lug your big camera around, we suggest getting a lens for your iPhone or smart phone. One of our favourites is Moment Lens. Check them out at momentlens.co, you just click them on to your phone and away you go.



Our go to backpack is the Herschel Little America Bag. The size of the bag and the layout with pockets and sections makes travelling just that little bit easier for us. Our other favourite is the Langly range. Go check them out at Langly.co, they have an incredible range of bags especially created for those adventurers who love taking their camera gear with them. So many pockets with easy access makes them super functional and not only that, they’re pretty easy on the eyes also.



Especially for plane rides, long car trips with big groups of people or even camping headphones are a must for adventuring. We recommend Audiofly headphones. Crafted and created by a musician, the quality of sound that you get from the wide range of headphones that they provide is exceptional. They definitely come in handy for your down time or even editing your snaps from your adventures. 



Something that is a must for me is traveling with a big scarf that can double as a blanket. Plane rides, traveling and adventuring can be chilly and it is important to stay warm and comfy, while still looking on point. We find that Zara has the perfect size scarves that are both in style and comfy for all the photos at your favourite spots.


Essential Oils.

Even though essential oils are "all the rage" right now, the results we have seen with them are undeniable. There are a few that we would never go on an adventure without. Lavender is the first one, as it's the perfect all rounder oil. It is perfect for healing burns, stopping itches from bug bites and our favorite use, helping you relax and sleep deep. Great to use on a long flight and that way you don't have to smell all those nasty plane smells. Thieves or On Guard, depending on whether you buy Young Living or Doterra Oils, this oil goes with me everywhere. It's antibacterial so you can make you own hand sanitiser or apply on your feet at night if you're feeling a little under the weather. There are so many other oils that we love, so definitely do some research and see which ones would be best for your next adventure.



Bringing a healthy snack on an adventure or trip is not only handy but it's cost and time efficient. If we are out and about we don’t always want to stop for food or rush our time at our favorite site, so having a snack on hand as an option is the best. We usually pack granola bars, Ziploc bag of fruit or pretzels. There are great ideas on Pinterest and also from our friends at The Whole Food Diary.


It is so important to have a map or a GPS, which is also available on most smartphone. We understand the people who like to turn off all access to navigations and see where they end up, we do the same and it is always a blast, but when you are trying to get home and don’t know how, a map is absolutely necessary. For ways to avoid traffic, we recommend Google Maps and Waze apps to help you find the best way home or to your final destination. 


What are your must haves? Let us know if you have anything that we have missed out. What are your favorite travel accessories.


Desiree & Sophie

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