The Views Of Singapore


Words & Photos by Martina Piazzoli - @martipiazzoli

Hi, my name is Martina and I am currently based in Australia and I would say that I am a traveller, dreamer, writer and communication designer. I am always looking for a new perspective wherever I am so it was only natural that I was drawn to photography and design as they best represent my passions and my interests. As I have travelled around the world, I have acquired motivation and inspiration. One of my latest and favorites was my recent trip to Singapore.

This tropical city with a jungle of buildings and architecture that is visually inspiring is constantly changing and growing. Every time I visit, there is a new Singapore to discover. As you walk through this city you encounter an array of different cultures that are perfectly melted together. From the international CBD to the colourful Chinese neighbourhood, Indian Temple, and the Arab Mosque. All these realities are living in balance here. This was one of the first things that struck me when I arrived and this thought led me to wonder: can architecture make easier the confrontation and the cohabitations among cultures? Here, in a place where architecture seems to be not only a matter of urban development but also an attraction?

Singapore it’s a city that is constantly looking to find the latest innovations in terms of design and architecture. New evolving shapes are surrounding areas in order to impress and catch people’s attention. Aside from that, what really astonished me is how Singapore combines sustainability in reaching modernism & green architecture at the same time.

To be in Singapore means to step into a place where tradition encounters new lifestyles and that’s what really makes it special. The contrast between past and future is what stands out the most. Along the river in Boat Quay, skyscrapers blend together with traditional little houses creating a scene that is hard to forget.

The best way to explore Singapore for me it’s walking and getting lost in the neighbourhoods ensuring I catch every detail. Being guided by the smell of the street food and the incense of the temples, by the bright colours of the lanterns and the sounds of the streets.

There is no journey in Singapore without a stop at the iconic Raffles Hotel. This jewel from the colonial ages, with an added tropical touch, is located in the heart of the city (1 Beach Road) and it is easily reachable with the MRT (stop: City Hall or Esplanade). My advice is to go there to enjoy in the courtyard the famous Singapore Sling cocktail and truly immerse yourself in the essence of this city. Walking by all the boutiques and the restaurants there is a feeling of elegance and heritage. I love the contrast of the white marble and the lush green of the palms; I could spend hours just exploring within all the verandas admiring this building and what Singapore was like back in 1887 when the hotel first opened.

Another spot that you cannot miss is Gardens By The Bay (MRT stop: Bayfront). The project started in 2007 has the main mission of transform the ‘Garden City’ into a ‘City in a Garden’. This futuristic park features giant supertrees with elevated walkway 128m hight, flower and forest domes. All senses are involved in the visit to The Cloud Forest, with its climate and colours, it’s a breath of tropical vegetation. Following the path you reach the top of this glass dome surrounded by several types of orchids and all of sorts of exotic plants. It’s easy to momentarily forget that there is a vibrant and busy international-trading city outside of this tranquil garden.

In this city of shapes, a view from the top is what can give you an outline best. So why not have a drink at one of the many rooftop bars that Singapore has to offer. My personal favorite is the SkyBar at the top of the Marina Bay Sands to enjoy a masterpiece of architecture, the famous infinity pool, the panoramic view overlooking the skyline and of course a nice cold drink. (Entry via hotel lobby, Tower 3). The Marina Bay Sands is an attraction on its own and is renowned around the world as one of the best.

There is so much to experience in Singapore; everyone will find their own perspective and it’s probably this element that makes the journey so exciting. Travel means to be constantly inspired by what is around you, so just go and explore your own version of the world. 



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