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Interview by Sophie Cottrell //

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Nik Sime, owner and creator of Nickel n Co. With their vision to handcraft household interior products made 100% from natural textile materials, they create stunning textiles for your home, studio or any living space. Nik's story of getting to where she is today is both provoking and challenging and reminds us that sometimes you need to step out and take a risk to achieve your dreams. 

So lovely to sit down with you Nik. Tell us your story. Where you were born and how you came to create textiles?

I was born in Subiaco, Perth. I lived Inner City until we moved into the Hills, Roleystone, for my high-school years. Growing up my family was very creative, so I’ve always had a love for creating. My Mum had a kiln in our backyard when we were little we accompanied her as she taught Pottery classes. We were always submersed in creative thinking and hobbies while we were young.

My Nan was a very good seamstress and I guess hearing about her sewing clothes for my Mum is perhaps was planted the “textile” seed for me to continue what was passed down to me.My Gran on my Dad’s side was a fantastic cook, and I have inherited some of her gorgeous baking tins and a rolling pin that my Dad made for her while he was a young boy, and I would have to say that cooking, specifically baking and desserts, is my other passion!

I particularly have a fondness for skills and methods that seem to have been forgotten in this fast-paced world we live in. I love the attention to detail these artisans applied and I try to emulate that in our oversized knitting while giving it a slightly minimalist edge!

What made you decide that this is what you were gonna do, that this is where you are going to put your time and energy? And what pushed you to take the risk?

I stopped work as a Florist to be a stay at home mum, as a Mum, I was super busy and didn’t have time to be creative. It was during this time that the N I C K E L . N . C O plan was formed but I have only in the last 12 months or so been able to actually bring it to life.

It's been a huge learning curve in all aspects of starting up. As all start up’s would be able to attest, in the beginning, you have to be adept at many roles, from designing and creating, marketing, communicating, networking and bookwork! It can be all encompassing, the key is to remember why I started!! I have particularly found it challenging to find suppliers who have what I require to be able to design and create my next piece! Discovering which trade shows to attend has been tricky and even where to source packaging is proving to be a real challenge for our Oversize Knit Pieces!


How did you come to live in Dunsborough? What do you love about this town?

We moved to Dunsborough for my Husbands work, previously living in Esperance. We have been so fortunate to live in these two pristine and picturesque beach towns. We love the beauty of Dunsborough and its small town community feel, but its close proximity to Perth is a huge bonus! Definitely, a must visit for anyone visiting.


Where in the world is number one on your wishlist to travel and what is your dream client?

Oh la la...Paris without a doubt!! One day we will get there.

Honestly, though, our dream client is someone who appreciates the inherent skill and patience involved in creating each N I C K E L . N . CO piece and our dream is that we would love to expand to work with top end Stylists and Interior Architects to get our products in homes around the world.


At Sceen’ry we talk a lot about finding beauty everywhere you go. What are some of the most beautiful places you have visited and what is it about them that really stands out to you?

I find so much beauty in our vast country, with such extremes from the red dusty landscape up North to the lush greenery and stunning coastline in the SW region of Perth that we find ourselves in at the moment! The beach wins hands down for me, though, I love the serenity and calmness it evokes within me. 

In an age where it's easy to shop from large manufacturing companies, rather than local stores, what's the biggest challenge and biggest reward from what you do?

Oh, this is certainly one aspect we feel passionate about!!

For us, it’s finding the connection with customers and clients who feel the same about the skill, time, and attention to detail that we pour into our pieces. This is both the challenge and the reward. Once we have that connection, the feedback we receive is amazing. They are delighted by the tactility and quality of our pieces. Job satisfaction right there!


What do you look for in places that inspire you, not only creatively but also personally?

I am drawn to form and function, whether it’s in architecture, scenery or fashion, so many places offer inspiration, stopping to absorb them can be the difficult part. But it is so important to make time to find these places to keep your ideas fresh and flowing.

What are 5 things you would never travel without?

Family, Phone, Camera, Plane Ticket, Foldable bag for the extra purchases of course!

What are some tips you would give to aspiring business owners?

Discover what you are passionate about. Research research research. And then take the plunge. It's all about leaping out in faith and taking the big risk to make it happen!


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