Journey Through The Greek Islands


Words and Images by Claudia Simchen -
I´m Claudia living in the German City Frankfurt, which is also known as Mainhattan because it is the German version of Manhattan, located by the river Main. For the past 10 years now I have been lucky to travel around the world as a flight attendant. I also contain the urge to travel as much as I can in my personal time as well. In 2013, I held my own professional reflex camera in my hands and now I'm not only working as a flight attendant, but also as a photographer. Two passions I can combine for work - photography and traveling - so I am a happy girl!


During my Mykonos trip I fell completely in love with the different beaches you can enjoy around the island. Every beach has its own beauty and the nature painted around it is unique. Almost every beach has a small restaurant called a Taverne on top where you can indulge yourself with traditional greek food. You have to rent a car in order to conquer the island, go where its not all about windmills.

Santorini was the second greek Island I was visiting. For me Santorini was much more  focused on tourists and the wealthier classed people, but I also found my little gems there. If you don't like crowded places spend your time at YALOS by the Sea at Exo Gialos Beach during the day and/or for your sundowners. I will definitely return to Greece again, because there are so many more places to discover there! Continue


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