Feature: Visualizing Vietnam


Words & Photos by Iona Brannon - babushkasoul.wordpress.com
 It started out as the smallest of whispers, a wary maybe making its way through the shouts of doubt within my heart. I - just like everyone else - wanted to be heard. No one would read it, most likely, but at least it would be out there. My part would be complete.  And so, somehow, that small whisper overcame those shouts of doubt and I started my personal blog.

Babushkasoul. Babushka means grandma in Russian and I found it a fitting name for me, a person who mulled over the meaning and morbid things of life. Having grown up overseas and travelled for as long as I could remember, I simply started writing stuff down and recording it visually.  As I continued to travel, I found my blog to be the place I would store the little treasures collecting along the way. The people I would meet, the little hidden roads, the curious stories. These spilled out from my heart onto my blog.

When I arrived in Vietnam, I was captivated by how visually engaging it was. There were bright colors, beautiful people and a complex political state of affairs. I couldn’t help but capture it, knowing that most of my friends probably had no idea what this country was like on the inside. It was so much more to it than the war-torn idea of a country they had in their heads. And so, I helped them visualize Vietnam. View more images here....


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