Our vision is to give new and experienced travellers alike the necessary information to discover certain areas of the world that they would never know about if someone locally never exposed it. We also want to give those who have a passion for photography, travel journalism, and just plain old adventure, a platform to share their discoveries and secrets with those of us who wish to explore these places and cities. And also to give small local business's a voice that they would never receive because they don't have the funds or access to be able to do so otherwise. 

In the beginning of 2014 Sophie, our founder, who was a travel agent and full time explorer, was trying to find a way to connect social media and print media in the travel industry. We live in an age where people are travelling the world more often than not, not only to visit places, but to immerse themselves in the culture and lifestyle. We are relying on other people and their reviews of places within the world to get the most out of our travel experience. She realised that there was a large gap in the print industry, so she created Sceen'ry to fill this void.