editor in chief & creative director

Sophie Cottrell
With a background in travel and tourism and a love of design and the print media, Sophie's heart for Sceen'ry is more than to merely create a magazine, but rather inspire and ignite people with the secrets of the globe, as well as to encourage people to go beyond their back fence and to find beauty in the every day, rather than forgetting what they are surrounded by. You will find her on a plane, at the beach or in her local coffee shop with her camera and bestie in tow.



Emma Johnson
As a trained designer, Emma believes that cultivating a creative lifestyle is an essential part of producing beautiful and meaningful work. A lifestyle that thrives off discovering new cities and collaborating with likeminded creatives. This ethos is what compelled Emma to partner with the vision behind Sceen’ry Travel Journal, “to give space for creativity and inspire travel.”Emma spends most of her time behind a computer, crafting her design skills on client projects such as branding, websites and editorial design. In her spare time you can find her journaling away in a café, sharing dreams with friends or planning her next wild adventure.