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Kansas City

Alyssa Broadus

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    As I start to write this piece, I’ve made a nice comfy spot for myself by the biggest window in the house, perched up next to a massive amount of natural light; my headphones are on with faint whispers of Alabama Shakes coming through the other end; and I’m ready to focus in. I want you to know how blessed and grateful I am to be able to share my favorite city with all of you; and it’s a perfect coincidence that this city is also the place I get to call home. Trying to figure out exactly what to write about was extremely challenging; not because I didn’t know, but because there are so many parts to this place I hold so dear.

      Kansas City; some have heard of it, others only know it by somewhere they think has cows. (This always makes me chuckle). Don’t get me wrong, we do indeed have cows here; but this city is somewhat of a hidden gem. In 2010, I made a big move to Los Angeles for school at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Shortly after, I lived in NYC for a summer internship; and it wasn’t until I had moved back to Kansas City that I realized just how much charm this place possessed.

   In this article, it was important for me to share multiple things that make this city so special to me, instead of trying to nail it down to a couple specific spots. I think a big part of what makes this place so irreplaceable is it’s character. We’re passionate people here in the midwest. We love our baseball and barbecue, but we’ve got quaint coffee shops and fashion designers/variety of local makers too. One of my favorite things that happens here each month is First Friday’s, which strictly focuses on the artists and makers of KC.

Antiques and Shops

    You park your car downtown in the Crossroad’s area and walk from shop to shop, meeting and shopping the local goods. (And if you like antiques, the whole First Friday weekend has antiques for sale in the West Bottoms. Old historic buildings full of people; locals and visitors from all ages, all hunting for vintage goods. Coffee and food trucks line the streets; it’s like a massive festival that happens once a month. Hands down one of the coolest things to witness in person). These are just a few places I photographed during First Friday. 



City Market

    Another unforgettable area in Kansas City is the City Market. Not only does it have one of my favorite local coffee shops, City Market Coffee Roasters, but it’s the perfect spot to grab a $5 bundle of flowers for your space and fresh produce for dinner that evening. When warmer weather is in season, vendors will set up tents and sell their goods to shoppers buzzing through the market. Whether it’s a Tuesday and five people are there, or a Saturday with hundreds; charm runs through every square inch of this place.



Little Freshies    

    Of course, I can’t share coffee without also sharing Little Freshie. Hands down a top destination for anyone coming to KC. Not only do they have ridiculous java, (Their cinnamon and honey latte is my personal go-to), but they make their own syrups for house made sodas and snow cones! (Sodas come with cute colorful paper straws; a weakness of mine). Located in the Westside neighborhood, the quaint shop is close by Westside Storey, along with some of the coolest modern housing in KC. Fall walks through the neighborhood are on my list of favorite things to see. 




A Site to See

   If you’re a fan of nice weather, art, picnic blankets and greenery, The Nelson Atkins Museum is one thing you don’t want to leave without exploring. The Museum itself has everything from Ancient to Contemporary exhibits, but so much lies on the outside of this beautiful building as well. The Nelson is best known for the shuttlecock sculptures on the lawn, which create the perfect backdrop for a nice spring hangout. Whether you’re a local to the area or just visiting, you’ll quickly be welcomed by the many folk eating their picnics, throwing frisbees or just reading books.



Urban Shop

   Urban Provisions General Store, located down in the East Bottoms, (better known for the saying, “Easy Bottoms”), is great for shopping local and handmade goods. It’s a go-to spot for me when I need a new succulent to add to my ever growing addiction, (seriously guys, it’s a problem), or to grab a gift for a friend. Filled with candles, plants, and things for your pantry, it’s near impossible to walk out empty handed. 


    As you can see, I could write about this city for weeks. This place fills me up with more joy than I can contain, but sharing this place that I love with others never gets old. The time you stop through, whether it’s a day or a week, I hope you experience the charm I’m surrounded by daily.

Sending love from my little corner of the world.


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