Our Top Travel Apps

 Our Top Travel Apps

We wanted to give you guys some insight into the most used apps on our smartphones here at Sceen'ry HQ. These apps come in handy on almost every travel adventure we take, so be sure to take note or just go straight ahead and download them. We know you won't regret it. And if there are any others that we may have missed that you can't live without, let us know!



This photo editing app is in the top 5 and probably the most used apps on our teams phones. With high-quality editing tools, filters and so much more, this is our top pick. Created and developed by professional photographers, the natural light, and filters that are captured through this app helps brings your photos to life. And it's free to download and film packs are definitely on the affordable side.



This app is incredible at giving you a locals guide to certain towns. You can create your own guide as well as search through thousands of other locals across the world showing off their favourite part of the globe. Their heart behind what they do is very similar to ours and that is why we love it so much. If you don’t have it already, start the download now. And check out their website for more information.



The frustration of having to wait for the plane to land or call the airport to find out about delays, early arrivals, and flight times when traveling can be so challenging. The FlightTracker app can make your trip so much more enjoyable and relieve your worry by simply punching in your flight number and the airline you are flying with and it will update you on any changes or times of your flight. This app is commonly used by all of us at Sceen'ry.  



When planning a trip to a new location, it is always helpful to look ahead for spots such as restaurants, coffee shops, sites, and shops. With Yelp you can search any category you can think of, even if you are looking for a specific place such as "gluten free restaurants" or "hipster coffee spots" Yelp can help you find almost every thing you are looking for during your trip to make you stay that much more enjoyable. Our team loves using this app to help us on all our new and local adventures. 



Cheap flights, hotels, and car rentals are all found on the Skyscanner app. If you are traveling in advance or last minute, Skyscanner will search through all the sites and will find you the most affordable one. Not only limited to flights, but also hotels and car rentals too. This app is a great one for us at Sceen'ry while we are traveling constantly and are always looking to make it the most affordable. 


Hotel Tonight

This new last minute hotel app comes in handy on any trip that you may be planning, specifically last minute plans. With only being able to book up to 7 days in advance, you will find some incredibly good deals on some lesser known, yet gorgeous properties. Definitely something to save for a quick weekend getaway or road trip rest stops.



If this app isn’t on your phone yet, it’s probably time to download it. With prices that are significantly cheaper than a taxi, introductions to your driver and tracking as to the specific time it will arrive, you will definitely make the switch. And the good news is it’s applicable to Uber’s worldwide. Also, ask a friend for a code to get your first Uber ride free. Who can say no to free transportation?!



Let us know the favorite travel apps you use on your trips and adventures.  


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