Eat and Drink Your Way Through New York




The most asked for volume is finally here and it can finally be in your hands. After months of meticulous research, photoshoots, conversations, and design, we have created this carefully constructed guide to Lower Manhattan. This city is far too large for us to cover in a whole volume, so we have stuck to the ever-progressing area and are uncovering some of it's most hidden secrets.

Almost every corner has a story to tell, a person who has risked everything to land in the city that literally never sleeps, a business that has seen the comings and goings of generations of families and buildings that have withstood both stories of joy and horror.

Image by Rachel Woods

Image by Rachel Woods

We are celebrating like the wild party animals that we are and are sharing some of our favourite places, some of which didn’t make it in the print magazine, but are definitely still must visits. So, save this page and get planning for your dream New York escape. Starting with the best places to eat, drink and be merry!


The iconic dessert bar by NYC restauranteur Christina Tosi will have you coming back daily. Highly addictive and a core of the creative food world in Lower Manhattan. Want to watch how it all began, watch the Netflix episode of Chef’s Table with Christina.

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Created by two Aussie mates who stumbled upon each other in New York, this iconic Australian brunch spot has become a part of New York food culture. The chances of you bumping into a familiar faces is highly possible and the food will have you planning more than one visit.


Felix Roasting Co

This coffee shop is no regular coffee shop. I mean, just take one look and you will notice that even the design of the building is carefully curated and wildly different than anything in the area. It is as though you are stepping into a whole new world. The coffee invigorates each of your senses. Make sure you visit and set aside some time to drink it all in. Literally.

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Russ & Daughters

Bagels is engrained in New York life and Russ and Daughters has been apart of this since the beginning. I had a friend once tell me that he get’s off the plane and jumps in an Uber to head directly there because it’s the best welcome to the city that you can ask for. I think that recommends it enough, don’t you think?



Italian food and New York, they go together like birds of a feather.. or something like that. Eataly is the Italian food of your dreams. It is an array of Italian food counters and cafe’s that it is hard to even know where to begin when you get there. But, you must go, eat as much as you can and soak up the incredible atmosphere.

Senna Rooftop - by Melissa Male

Senna Rooftop - by Melissa Male


For the full round-up, grab your copy of our New York guide, along with the best places to shop and visit while you are there. It’s a big city, but we got the locals giving you the inside guide.