Some nights..

Some nights, as I hug my warm hand-made ceramic tea mug and let my fingers glide across the keys into the late hours, I remember how lucky I am, how blessed I am that I can create. There are so many things that can hinder creativity and our passion as humans to make. It’s often said, every human has creativity in-built into their DNA, they are yet to realise it and fully access it. To deny your creativity is to deny your humanity.. wait what? Intense huh!?

My creativity is that I have carved a business (or two) from little tiny specs of ideas. It is easier to name the creative ones as the ones with a paint brush in their hands or a camera strung over their shoulder, but what about the one that is pouring over numbers late into the evening, buying and selling shares at the precise moment or lawyers that find the right loop hole at the right time. This is not just intelligence, it’s creativity. One that is in built into their system and if accessed correctly, can explode across the canvas of their life.

We are not merely here on this earth the follow the systems of life, but to create, adapt, move and shake and be thankful in the process.

So, as I look at my task list for this evening and a couple more hours left in my tank, I am thankful for my creativity and I am thankful for yours, cause without it, we wouldn’t be using any program, software or hardware that we are now.