Meet Florent & Amberly


Interview by Sophie Cottrell /  Photos by Of Two Lands

You may recognise these guys from an interview we did with them a year ago. We decided to sit down and pick their brains a little further in terms of all things travel and Sydney, being they were contributors for this volume and are some of our favorite travel/landscape photographers out there. Get ready to want get outdoors.. they are kind of completely inspiring!


Tell us a little about yourself and what you do with yourself?

We are Of Two Lands, a couple of content creators currently living in Bondi, NSW. Our work consists of stills and films and are mostly travel / landscape oriented, as well as documentary.

I (Amberly), was born in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Outside of work I enjoy drawing and painting and have a rather unhealthy obsession for cats.

I (Florent), was born in the French Alps and when I am not taking photos / videos I spend most of my time watching movies and reading books (mostly adventure / sci fi / fantasy).


How would your best friend describe you, do you think?

Florent - My best friend would probably say that I have boundless energy and can at times be quite intense / passionate when I have a goal in mind.

Amberly - She would definitely back up my statement above about being rather cat-obsessed.

What was your journey to where you are now?

Before we met (6 years ago) we already each had an interest in photography, but more as a hobby. After spending time together, we realised this was something we could share and grow in together. Looking back we feel kind of proud that we have managed to work on some pretty cool projects in awesome locations and are very excited to see what comes up next.

Would you change anything along the way? And what advice would you give to someone who is looking at taking a risk and just starting out on their creative journey? 

While social media has been a huge help and source of inspiration, we sometimes probably thought too much about creating content for an audience (i.e instagram) instead of letting our creativity run freely. So our advice would be to find what you like doing and stick to it. Keep trying as long as you can, it is always better to try and fail than regret not giving things a go.

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How did you find your voice in the industry and what is the biggest challenge with this?

We started with landscape photos after our first trip together to New Zealand and realised what we most enjoy taking photos of and after this we slowly honed our treatment and look and have tried to keep it consistent.

One challenge would be trying to balance maintaining your own personal style without being too influenced by trends.


How do you stay motivated when you are the only one responsible for creating content? What motivates you?

We are lucky that there are two of us so we try to motivate each other and find it easier to bounce off each other creatively than if we were doing this alone.


Who/What inspires you creatively?

For our video work, we found inspiration mostly from movies and short films we like. We spend a lot of time on Vimeo, always finding new content and creators. With our photos, inspiration usually comes from the landscape that surrounds us and we just try different ways of capturing it. We usually pick our location based on the landscape features, culture as well as season. We are more drawn to colder climates and more remote places.


If you had to do something completely different to what you are doing now, what would you do?

Amberly - If money was no object, i'd probably have some kind of fancy cat shelter and would rescue as many homeless kitties as I could find.

Florent - Living in a mountain cabin writing books by day and studying the stars by night would be pretty sweet.



At Sceen’ry we talk a lot about looking beyond your own backyard, finding places that take your breath away and remind you how blessed you are to live where you live. Tell us about where you live in Sydney and why you are based there? We live in North Bondi, about a 10 minute walk to the beach. We like the relaxed atmosphere and fresh air. Living in Sydney can be hectic sometimes but we manage to find some peaceful and quiet time around here. We love our early morning / late afternoon walks near the ocean.


If someone had 24hrs in Sydney and the Northern Beaches and they asked you what to do, what are your MUST visits? Whether it be food, coffee, beaches, national parks etc. And what is it about them that makes them in your top list?

Start by a walk / swim early morning at the beach (Clovelly / Camp Cove are two of our favourites and are easy to swim at)

Then head to Bondi beach for a breakfast on the hill (Coffee and a Croissant), then go for lunch and a little boutique shopping in Surry Hills, then walk from there to the CBD through Hyde Park as well as the Botanic Gardens (stopping at the Art gallery of NSW along the way if one so feels) then admiring the sunset over the harbour bridge, and head for dinner somewhere in the CBD,

and finally finishing with a concert inside the Majestic concert hall of the Opera House.

We feel like this would be a pretty good glimpse of what Sydney has to offer for people who have never been here.


What places are at the top of your travel list around the world?

Antarctica, Alaska, Norway, Sweden, and going back to Japan.


What are 5 things you would never travel without? We would never travel without: 1. Our cameras 2. Good hiking / walking shoes 3. A map 4. Noise-cancelling ear phones 5. A rain / windproof jacket