Risky Business


Words by Sophie Cottrell // Photos by Colby Buchanan - colbybuchanan.com

Have you ever felt that feeling of jumping off a cliff face and the moments that take place before you are immersed into water? You know, the split seconds where your stomach is in your mouth, you are holding your breath, adrenaline is pumping and fear is mixed with thrill that is running through your veins? You have no assurance yet that you have made a good decision and that you won’t get hurt, you haven’t experienced the ending but there is something so exciting that you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Sometimes it feels as a creative and a business owner that I live right there in that feeling or moment.

We live in a world that is completely unpredictable and we try our hardest to predict it, to make it “normal” and to feel comfortable. Whether we realise it or not even in the risky decisions we make, we try and dull them down, not shout them too loud, not get our hopes up too much, but just keep moving forward and hope that the dream we have in our head will pan out into a reality.

The longer that I do this, the more I realise that there isn’t somewhere that you will “arrive”, where your journey will feel “normal” or even the way you imagined it should, but it is the journey none-the-less and by George, it is a risky one.

Living out something that you have dreamt about isn’t as common these days as you would think. Yes, you hear about people having big dreams and breaking through the film industry or creating a tech start-up in the Silicon Valley and we are over here cheering them on, but often we see people with big dreams who don’t see themselves as ones who can actually take that leap.

That leap off the cliff, it is not comfortable in any way. The fear is gripping, the adrenaline reaches every part of your body, the thrill is overwhelming, but it is something you would never experience if you didn’t take the jump in the first place. When it comes to stepping outside of your “normal” and doing something left of centre, put your big kid panties on and get out there and do it. If you fall on your face, so what? What is the worst that happens? You lose a little money, a little pride and learn a whole lot along the way. The experiences, the people and the change you see in yourself, that right there makes it so worth it.

What I am saying is, embrace the risks of life. Of course, don’t be an idiot, but step outside of what you think success is, not only in your future, but also in your adventure. Get outside of the boundaries and be a bit risky. Find things out about yourself that you never would unless you stepped out or stepped off the cliff. You will never know how you respond in high-stress situations until you’re in them, so don’t run away. “Go hug the cactus” as my parents would say. Let’s be a generation who aren’t afraid to be creative, to be unique and who are passionate about cheering on others who are risking it all as well.


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