Captured Moments In Romania


Words & Photos by Christine Aiko Beck -

"Christine Aiko Beck is a lifestyle, travel and food photographer who recently relocated to the East Coast (Boston) from Oakland, California. She also works as a content strategist at a digital agency. Her recent travels include the Sonoma Coast of California, the Bucovina region of Romania and Japan."

I was born to travel. My father was an officer in the US Air Force, and because of that, we moved and traveled a lot. I was born in England, and although we moved about every other year of my life until I was 18, I spent most of those years in California. It’s always been hard for me to answer the question, “where are you from?”

Along with the moving during my childhood, I grew up in two different cultures. I’m bi-cultural. My mother is Japanese, my father is American, and my family spent a lot of time both traveling to and living in Japan when I was a child. I remember feeling captivated by the sound of the trains in Japan. I was mesmerized by the views of the countryside and cityscapes as we rolled past during our travels there. That has stayed with me throughout my life - a strong desire for a sense of adventure and the wonder and excitement of travel. I haven’t been able to shake it.

Photography has become a wonderful way for me to share how I see the world with others. It’s a way of communicating that doesn’t require learning and speaking a foreign language, and it can make others feel what you are feeling without ever having met them. What a great way to communicate and share.

My recent trip to Bucovina, Romania was a photography and creative retreat put on by Taking a Moment in Time. This was my third retreat like this - I attended two others, one in England and one in Japan. I absolutely loved these retreats. I get to travel to incredible places, my photography has improved enormously, I’ve made some wonderful friendships with people from afar, and most importantly, have found community with others who have similar creative interests and pursuits.

The Romanian countryside in the fall is romantically beautiful. The fog and mist along with the changing colors of the leaves. The rolling hills with sheep and farms, and the dark and mysterious forests...I highly recommend the journey there.

Not only is the geography beautiful in Romania, the food there is delicious, the people are kind, and there is art and beauty to be found when you spend some time looking a little deeper into the culture.



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