A Leisure Journey Through London

You don’t really know London until you lived it. You don’t really get its smell, its noise, and its rhythm until you experienced it. However, you cannot miss its beauty, its diversity and its magic whether you are here for a day or for a lifetime. 

When I arrived in London, the first thing that struck me was that nobody seemed to walk, but continuously ran everywhere. The only difference now, nearly two years later, is that I have joined the flow. If New York is often called The City That Never Sleeps, I am pretty sure London is its ‘little’ sister. Time never stops and time is precious, so make the most of it.

It would be impossible to see everything there is to see in a few days (or even in a few years), but if you are lucky enough to come and visit the city, here are some of my favourite places: 

The Walkie Talkie

I would start with a visit to The Sky Garden - one big advantages of the city that is definitely not negligible, especially if you are traveling on a budget, is that there are so many amazing places that are free to visit. And The Sky Garden is one of them. 

Although it is free, make sure to book your tickets in advance, as you can only visit the garden if you have made reservations (and it is usually booked pretty quickly, you can imagine why). There are two beautifully designed restaurants (the Darwin Brasserie and the Fenchurch Restaurant) as well as the Sky Pod Bar where you can enjoy delicious croissants and pains au chocolat. 

Feeling a bit peckish? Next stop would be the Somerset House with Fernandez and Wells for lunch or Tom’s Kitchen for something a little bit more fancy with a view over the Thames.

To help digesting, have a little browse inside the Rizzoli Bookshop where you can find some beautiful books and illustrations.  

It is hard to say which building is the most beautiful one, as there are so many of them, but The Somerset House is pretty magical. I cannot believe its architecture would leave someone unmoved. 

In summer play alongside kids in the water fountain. In autumn enjoy art exhibitions. In winter skate on the ice rink and take pictures of the huge Christmas tree. And in spring discover the most eclectic outfits during the Fashion week.


The National Portrait Gallery

There are a lot of museums in London, all as beautiful as one another, yet there is something about the National Portrait that makes it one of my favourite to wander around. I like to see the faces of some of the most important names of Literature, Arts, and English History. 


Buckingham Palace

You cannot leave London without seeing Buckingham Palace. With Big Ben, it is probably the other most famous landmarks of London. From the National Portrait Gallery, you can take a lovely walk along the Mall that will lead you directly to the Palace. You cannot miss it.

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