San Francisco, California

We get to inform our readers that our next print issue will be on San Francisco, California. We are excited to have Isabelle Kristiansen share a small piece of her life in San Fransisco and give you a little taste of what is to come in our next print magazine. Allow the stories Isabelle shares of the lovely city to excite you for your next journey there.  

I’ve been living in San Francisco for over two years and I have no plans on leaving this place. Two years might seem like a long time but there’s still so much more to explore in this creative city. I’m originally from Sweden and moved to San Francisco to study advertising and design. I love venturing outdoors with my camera. I’m a minimalist, addicted to coffee, macadamia milk, and road trips. I’m a very curious person and love to surround myself with people who help me grow. I find a sort of freedom and peace of mind when I’m by the ocean, and one last thing - I’m a yogi so you’ll find me doing spontaneous poses in random places. 


General Store

My favorite thing in life is to explore. I met my boyfriend one year ago. I was passing him in the hallway in our school and I thought “damn, that guy is SO hot!”. He was my person and I knew it right there. A perfect day is spent with Oscar next to me, exploring, eating, driving, walking, talking. On our anniversary he took me to a neighborhood in San Francisco called Sunset, I had never been there before but Oscar know that I love shopping, design, heavy magazines. He took me to a store named General Store, and it was one of the coolest stores I had ever seen. AND they have a green house on their backyard. Do I have to say more?


That big red thing

I was with my two Swedish friends the first time I saw Golden Gate Bridge. I remembered how we all three were standing quiet, just taking this majestic thing, in when my friend Lisa goes: “So how long time do you guys think it would take to paint Golden Gate Bridge with red nail polish?” We couldn't stop laughing of course. Ever since then, I can’t help of thinking of fancy nails every time I see the very famous bridge.


The San Francisco Mint 

Light has always been a big part of my life so when I entered the majestic doors of The San Francisco Mint I was hit by its beauty. A photographers dream! Huge windows, open spaces, history, and gorgeous light. It was opened in 1854 to serve the gold mines of the California Gold Rush. If you want to visit something different when in San Francisco, The Mint is for you. 


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