Creative - Photography Artist

We at Sceen'ry strive to provide a platform for the creatives in cities across the globe. Therefore, we want to introduce you to a young creative who is a photography artist. We are showcasing a Black & White series he created of Perth, Australia. Our latest Magazine Issue was the city of Perth and we found it fitting to share about a growing artist photographer in that city. 

My name is Ethan Cassidy, I’m currently 16 and live in Perth WA. My passion is photos; I love that I can express feelings and thoughts through a visual medium. In my case it is 35mm film photography, a format that I think really brings out the emotion in each photo, instead of creating a stale image that can be taken and deleted at the press of a button. I hope to one day travel to various parts of the world to take photos, develop my own images and maybe eventually to create a small publication, but until then I remain trapped in school, always longing for the weekend. Hope you enjoy my photos!



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