Tamanawas Falls, Oregon


My name is Sarah Markstaller. I am a photographer and graphic design student at Portland State University. I am a fifth generation Oregonian and am in love with the Pacific Northwest. I was first introduced to photography through a high school film class and have been obsessed ever since. I have found my passion in exploring and documenting with my camera.

Tamanawas Falls is somewhat unknown compared to all of the waterfalls in the gorge. Therefore it must be shared with the one who love to venture into beautiful lands. The location of this falls it situated on highway 35 on Mount Hood about an hour and a half outside of Portland.  The falls thunder over a broad curtain and drop 150 feet. The hike along Cold Creek is a moderately easy path until you reach the falls, which is slightly tougher to conquer but well worth the extra effort. With Oregon being one of the top places to take in the varying waterfalls, it is hard to decide which ones to visit. The hike to the Tamanawas Falls is one of the waterfalls that should not be questioned in your decision on the many falls to see. The hike is fairly easy and the waterfall is more spectacular than photos give it credit. The warmer months are the times I would suggest going because it does get icy and dicey up there. I have had some personal experiences hiking to the falls in the ice, I can honestly say that I was not prepared for the icy trails and there were a couple of times that I slipped and fell. Though it was memorable, it was not a pleasant experience, so I would advise visitors to avoid the pain and go in the warmer seasons. While you are out in that surrounding area, there are several viewpoints that overlook the gorge. One of my favorites is Rowena Crest. Not only does this viewpoint offer an incredible view of the gorge, the road leading up to the viewpoint is an experience in and of itself, with breathtaking sights to see. On your way up, the road bends into a horseshoe and makes for great pictures. If you are up for another hike, Rowena Plateau is a 2.5-mile round trip hike to the top with views up and down the gorge.  I have done a lot of hiking in the Pacific Northwest and these two are my favorite. Next time you make it to this area, don't pass up these hikes or the waterfalls. They are simply magnificent.


Sarah marstaller

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