The Wrestle of Technology and Travel

Sophie Cottrell

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     I had a provoking talk with a friend the other day and this here is the conclusion of my thoughts on the matter. In an age where digital media reigns premiere in our lives, travel has taken on a whole new look. We have invited people from around the globe into almost every moment of our explorations, no matter the destination. But what would it look like if we took a trip or two every now and then leaving every form of photo capturing behind, and every digital device and all we took is a friend? I feel like we would experience moments we may well have missed because we were consumed with capturing the right expression rather than being immersed in our surroundings. Do I hate media? No way, in fact the very opposite, I love it. I love that I can keep in contact with people from around the globe and in a matter of moments we can be fully updated on each others lives. I love that by the touch of a button I can capture a memory or a laugh that encapsulates a person or a place. But mostly, I love that media helps to invite people to experience more than what they are currently experiencing. It challenges you and inspires you. But, maybe we don’t “need” media like we think we do, maybe it can be a tool rather than a necessity. Maybe going out for lunch doesn’t require to be captured digitally, but rather to be fully present in that moment.

     I feel challenged to find the balance between the two. Having the desire to go out to explore and capture those moments that inspire other people to go out and explore their surroundings. But also, to quiet down from constant traffic and noise and to fully embrace the times you will remember forever.

    So my challenge to you is, find the balance and reach for it. Make occasions happen where your phone and computer are turned off, even once a week for a few hours. Then find a way to experience moments that you will be able to paint a picture with your words, not your phone.

What are your thoughts? And how do you think we adventurers can do it better?




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