A Photographers View of London


Words & Photos by Kenny Gunawan - @kehnnee


Hi, my name is Kenny Gunawan. Travel and photography are the two things that take up a big part in my life. I really like taking pictures that encourage the viewers to go somewhere new. I enjoy urban photos, especially in the big cities more than the nature landscapes.

If I could only pick one favourite destination to travel to, I would easily pick London for its opportunity of photographs. The city has so much character to it; the combination of classic and modern architecture is beyond words to describe. I was lucky to have the experience to live there.


Tube Station

London has an extraordinary public transport network, the underground (tube) takes you everywhere in the city. There is a station that I like the most, it is “King’s Cross station”.  One of the entrance tunnels is lit up with colorful lights that bring a little joy to your day! 


City view

Go to Southwark if you want to see how photogenic London city is, the promenade between London Bridge and Tower Bridge is simply incredible especially the spot right in front of City Hall. 


Green space

This is why I love London! Even though it is a populated city, it doesn’t mean it lacks of green spaces. You can have a picnic, play football, go for a run, or just sit on the bench while reading your favourite book or people watching at the parks in Central London. Best time to visit is in Autumn season as the changing colour looks super amazing! 



It is like a city on its own! Lovely place with a big park and the hill where the Greenwich clock and the planetarium are located. There are so many sites to visit there too, you can take a ferry from Central London and enjoy the view! 


Big Ben/Westminster

Last but not least is the Big Ben. You can’t miss it! Hop off at Westminster and take the exit across the Westminster Bridge for spectacular view of the Palace and the Big Ben.

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