Our Year in Review


Words by Sophie Cottrell

What a year we have had. We successfully ran and completed a Kickstarter for Volume One (and the biggest thanks goes to you), launched Volume One, had our first overseas contributors meeting, welcomed two new team members, created Volume Two, launched Volume Two in San Francisco, hosted numerous guest bloggers, created a family of stockists around the world and most of all, met some incredibly inspiring people around the world who are doing crazy amazing stuff. Whew, what a year.

Two Thousand and Sixteen has been one we will always remember. So many firsts and even a few lasts (there’s always gonna be a few of those). But mostly, we have learnt more than we ever could imagine and our eyes have feasted on places we have dreamt about and heard of stories that have provoked us to keep writing ours.

We created Sceen’ry because we believe in people. We believe that there are crazy creatives out there who are risking everything to do what they believe in. There are business owners who never thought that they would own a business until they found themselves doing that very thing. Our mission is to continue finding these people, taking the time to hear them out, learn from their stories and cheer them on in their journey.

We have learnt to slow down, to be present in our wandering and allow ourselves to be encountered by strangers and friends alike.

Our goal as a team for 2017 is to increase our cheerleading skills, to celebrate the victories of those around us and to stop to listen to the stories. Our aim is uncover the hidden alleyways, trails and mountain tops to remind you that you are surrounded by insane beauty, no matter where you find yourself. Beauty isn’t always what we expect it to be, but maybe 2017 for you looks like removing the expectations and allowing yourself to see things you have seen every day in a whole new light. Maybe being deliberate in how you spend your time and setting aside moments to rest, to adventure, to explore, to laugh and to position yourself to enjoy what life throws at you.

In 2017 we have two new cities for you. We have so many new stories to tell and so many secrets to uncover. But mostly, we have so many new people to meet and we can’t wait to meet you all. If you want to join us in any capacity, email us, as we would love to have you. In fact, we can’t do it without you all.

So, Happy New Year friends! We are so thankful for all of your love and support for 2016. This is only the beginning.