Exploring the Open Roads


Words & Photos by Greta Wolzak - @gretawolzak

Hello. My name is Greta Wolzak and I am a photographer currently based in Perth, Western Australia. I've always been a fan of the poem by Robert Frost, "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”

From a young age one of my most favorite memories was camping and traveling around the countryside as kids while my father was out prospecting in the goldfields. My brother and I were curious and would always be exploring the vast landscape, which surrounded us. Collecting objects from previous travelers, we would examine and seek the beauty of nature. From then discovering and traveling had been my passion. I was inspired by writers and stories from other folks around me I knew the only way I would ever be truly satisfied in this life was to travel the open road. I had learnt more from traveling than any textbook has ever taught me. I met some unique and interesting people along my travels and had seen some of the most spectacular, wildest elements on earth.

From that first big adventure I felt the urge to explore more and collecting memories and sharing my experiences was far more valuable to me than anything else. From traveling I have lived and worked in some pretty amazing places.

Somewhere along the way I had developed my passion for photography and writing. I purchased a camera and started capturing the moments that surrounded me. I feel it's important to capture the beauty, which immures us in all its charm and elegance. I can’t leave home without it! I also carry a journal and pens everywhere I go because I feel it's worth your while to write down how you feel when you are in different countries. A big part of traveling is to widen your mind and develop as a human being. When I write down my thoughts in a journal and draw what is around me, I can see how much I have grown and reflect on my emotions as a person.

The best part about traveling is the experience you gain, by working in different places, learning new languages and meeting some amazing people. I would recommend. wherever you travel, to either hire or buy a car and just travel the roads with no plan. See where you end up and it can take you to some truly unique spots. Unfortunately traveling full time, there are moments where you miss your family and friends and feeling like your missing out on important moments back home. With technology these days you can Skype and email as much as you want, but the feeling isn’t the same as in person.

Photography to me is passion and a way of life; it's how I feel like I can communicate with the world. A true adventure is where your mind wanders and you should follow. We are all alive and we are all beautiful. I'm a dreamer and for me the best is feeling lost and abandoning all instincts and to fall into the stars. The journey continues for me until the very last breath.

I've included photos from around my hometown Perth, because for me when returning home I find myself secluded and isolated from the rest of the world. It’s a truly unique lifestyle here and I want to share the beauty with you. So I urge everyone to start exploring their own backyards and find their beauty and share it with the rest of the world.

- Greta


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