Sceen'ry Thanksgiving


Written & Compiled by Team Sceen'ry

Thanksgiving is a Holiday that allows loved ones and friends to gather together and bring to remembrance the important things in each ones life and what they are thankful for. Though Thanksgiving is not a holiday celebrated in many countries, our team would never pass up an opportunity to share what we are thankful for with you. We have written down what we are thankful for personally, in our home town, and in Sceen'ry. Please share with us what you are thankful for this year. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving! 


Desiree Maas

Thanksgiving has been celebrated in my family for generations and a tradition we have carried on is before we all dive into the delicious turkey, cheesy potatoes and dinner rolls on our plates, we go around the room and say what we are most thankful for. I am so honored to participate in this tradition with our team; though we are miles apart we can still share about the important things in our lives like family.

Personally, I am thankful for every loved one that surrounds me. Life is filled with many trials and victories that take place at the most random times and locations, but what makes those moments special is whom you get to walk through them with. I have been blessed to have the perfect crew to make every moment, both good and difficult, worth it. My home, Kansas City, is not as flashy as most big cities, but what makes it special are the simplicities found in its character, people and cuisine. It always invites new ideas and opens its arms to new comers. Though are Summers are boiling and are Winters are crisp, the Spring and Autumn are my most adored seasons in KC. My city is smaller than most, but there is never a lack of new adventures all around. Oh how thankful I am for this hidden gem I get to call home. Where do I begin in my thankfulness of Sceen’ry? It definitely has to be our team. What a solid group of hardworking young ladies we have onboard with us, I wouldn’t change a single thing about them. All that we have been through and the rewards we’ve all faced in our teachable journey has been indescribable and so unique to us. It is what has made our brand who we are and who we will continue to grow to be. Also, I am thankful that I get the oppertunity to do something that I love every week with this company. Sharing the beautiful journeys of others to inspire the world to venture to new places and achieve their dreams. 


Brittany Richmond

Personally, I am thankful for so many things. Where to start! Well right this moment I have just completed the final exam of my degree, so I am insanely thankful for that! I am always thankful for my family. I had never expected to be blessed with such a large family who each in their individual way love so well. Above all right now, I'm insanely thankful for my husband. This year has been one of the most challenging of my life and I have been blown away at how supportive and loving he has been through every aspect of it. I quite honestly couldn't have made it without him. I'm thankful for the sun and the beach and that I get to live 5 minutes from the most stunning coastline I've ever seen! (I'm not exaggerating) No matter how often I go there, there's something about the ocean that just takes my breath away. I am thankful for a team of amazingly talented girls who each pour their heart and soul into this beautiful masterpiece. I am thankful to have a creative avenue where I can challenge and stretch myself in a way I've never had to before!


Nush Freedman

Hooly dooly where to start! For me, something will happen every day that I am truly thankful for whether it is a random act of kindness, a friend that makes me double over laughing, a beautiful sunset or simply spending time with family and friends. I truly have a moment each day where I have to take a step back and realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by magical people and never ending, limitless opportunities. Growing up in the West Coast of WA I will always be thankful for the adventures that are right on my doorstep, the feeling of freedom and thrill that I only get from the natural beauty I call home. Something I must mention is my appreciation for the ocean, where ever I am in the world it never fails to make me happy, clear my mind and surprise me with its bottomless beauty and secrets. The Sceen’ry team has shown me so much love since I first became involved and I am so grateful to have found passionate, unique and slightly crazy individuals that feel like a family to work with. Being on bored the Sceen’ry train (TOOT TOOT ALL ABOARD) has been a blast and I am so lucky to be cooperating with like-minded individuals with a passion to explore and share experience. Lastly, I am also thankful to you, whoever is reading this as it means you are showing the Sceen’ry team love and support, so thank you and happy Thanksgiving! 


Tabitha babcock

Reflecting on this last year, and in general, I am continuously thankful for the amount of opportunity I have to run all over this world. This year my heart was opened up to the incredible Asian continent, I was able to take in sights all over North America, and re-visit my "second home" on the European continent. For months on end I was able to travel, be away, take time to process, create, learn new things and meet people who can only tell their individual stories. People continue to change my vision of the world, I delight in their life and the way they live and I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to hear them all. Travel is so special to me, special not because it's an escape or a vacation, but because it is such a beautiful privilege to get to look inside culture, life and the hearts of others. I am so thankful for the honor of seeing and hearing. 

I am in love with the incredible landscape Seattle has to offer. I'm so grateful that I get to live in a city where my eyes drink in snow caped mountains and mighty oceans. There are lakes and rivers, deep forests, dry valleys. It’s a feast for my soul, the full-throated colors, rich and dripping in diversity - and on top of it all is a beautifully clean metropolitan. What an arresting contrast to dwell within. 

Sceen'ry is earnestly surprising. I am so thankful for the continuous way this magazine opens my eyes. From this incredible team of genuinely similar, pure hearts to the stories each contributor shares. I'm grateful for its ceaseless effort to reach the heart of the subject and honor each person involved in our journey. 


Sophie Cottrell 

I am so thankful for people. I am thankful for their story and how each individual carries so much hidden within them. It is like meeting a treasure each time you sit down with someone and it's an honor to unwrap what is inside each person. I also think that though people bring so many highs and so many lows into your life, it is so worth it to be surrounded by them. If you have read Volume One, you would see that without a doubt Perth is my favorite city in the world, which I feel so blessed to say. It is breath-takingly beautiful and also one of the most peaceful places I have experienced. There is something about home that induces rest in me and forces me to take time out to just be outside and enjoy what it has to offer. This community continues to astound me. A group of passionate creative’s and dreamer’s who fight to find beauty wherever they go and create time to celebrate the story and achievements of others. Our team is also one of the greatest that I could have ever hoped for and we have so many things ahead of us that it makes me so excited!


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