New Year's Travel Resolutions

Our Resolutions for 2016

- Desiree Maas -

Welcome to 2016. As we start this new year we thought it would be a fun idea to share with you some crazy travel resolutions for this year. We have unearthed some of the most adventurous locations and resolve that this year they will be part of our new years story, at the very least in digital form. So travel along with us to make these destinations apart of your new year as well. 



You hardly have to worry about the temperatures when visiting Mauritius Island, with its almost always sunning year-round atmosphere. Clear blue waters, white sanded beaches, mountains, and fresh scenery, this Nation Island is far from disappointing its visitors. Located on the Indian Ocean just South of Africa, this Island is filled with activities such as hiking, jet skiing, deep sea fishing, horseback riding, and so much more. The foods these 1.3 million locals present you with  is a cuisine that will mark your entire trip. Whether you are taking a friend-cation, couples trip, or a family friendly vacation, be sure to add Mauritius Island to your list.



In specific locations the temperatures may seem unappealing, but well worth it for those who love spending time in the outdoors. Greenland is filled with delightful spots along its coast and within its borders. Natural hot spring, northern light gazing, heliskiing, snowmobiling, and trophy hunting are just a few activities that take place in Greenland. When it comes to Greenlandic cuisine, meat is almost always in every dish, from marine mammals, game, birds and fish you will not go hungry in this winter wonderland playground. Fun fact about Greenland, due to its location, in Summer the sun never goes down which gives the illusion of the day never ending. Even more time to explore!

Greenland Travel

Greenland Travel


Faroe Islands

A variety of fabulous destinations, Faroe Islands allows you to experience all of their unique locations. Located between Norway and Iceland, this stunning spot is filled with an endless list of activities, foods, and sites. Locals take pride in their colorful housed towns, tunnels, coves, and waterfronts. For a quiet and relaxing vacation take a trip to the Faroe Islands and enjoy the peaceful views and atmosphere it provides.



Unique landscapes, waterfalls, glaciers, and coastal cliffs is what draws many explorers to this heaven on earth destination. Natural beauty is the soul of this country and the chance to experience it first hand is a life changing experience. Recorded as one of the most active volcanic regions in the world, Iceland is the best place for caving and seeing the most exotic rock formations in the world. Cycling, spas, whale watching, horseback riding are just a few things that the locals in Iceland recommend to their visitors. This is a trip that can be made for all occasions multiple times, make your way to these lands for an unforgettable experience.




Let us know about your travel resolutions this new year and why you want to go there. We would love to join in on your adventures.




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