The Explorers Christmas

The Explorers Christmas

- Sophie Cottrell -



As Christmas is just over a week away, we wanted to give you some last minute gift ideas that are tops on our list. These are the perfect addition to any adventurers travel gear and fit in a wide range of budgets. Take a look and let us know your favourite gift ideas.




Audiofly Headphones:

Based in Australia, Audiofly design and build headphones. Crafting tone for years; their obsession as musicians guides the development of our products. With a wide range of headphones, starting at the basic in ears starting at $39.99 to the top of the range noise cancelling over ears at $249.99, they will fit in anyone's budget and they will definitely not disappoint.


LifeProof Phone Case:

Starting $79.99, these cases for your iPhones, Androids or iPads keep your devices safe in so many different terrains. These are perfect for hiking, swimming, skiing, you name it and it’ll work great. With protection from snow, dirt, rain and being dropped, you will ensure your device has never been safer. Take a look at their site for their range of cases.


Power Card:

When you are out exploring and adventuring, your multiple devices can run out of battery faster than you would ever like. By getting an external power source, once your battery runs out, you plug it in and the charging begins. Find a lightweight and compact sized one like this one stocked at Anthropologie. Likewise you can also get cases for your phone that will charge it as well. Super convenient, especially if you need maps to try and find where you are going, or your phone needs to be camera ready.


Moment Lens:

Who needs to bring your massive DSLR on every single adventure. Lugging it around can get tiring, so Moment Lens have created some of the best attachable lens’ for your smartphone. They are high quality lens’ that capture your explorations in ways you didn’t think your phone possibly could. Definitely a great idea for those “instagram husbands”.


Polaroid Zip Phone Printer:

Print your photos straight from your phone on the go, giving you instant tangible prints while you’re out exploring Machu Picchu or skiing in Breckenridge. Instant memories to give to your new explorer buddies. And at $130, definitely a good gift worth the money. Hit up to grab yours.



These are just a few of our favorite things that we hope helps you on your quest to find the perfect gift for the adventure folk in your life. Let us know if we have missed any of your favorites. Merry Christmas friends.



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