Meet - Brittany Richmond

Today we wanted to introduce you to a new member of our team. She is one of the most joyous people you will meet and we are very excited to see what she brings to the Sceen'ry team. Keep your eye on this girl as her eye for detail is incredible and her heart for community will defintely come through in all her projects. Here is a little Q&A that we did with her;


Hey Sceen’ry readers! I’m Brittany Grace Richmond, but known to everyone as Britt.

Where do you live?

I am currently living in Maylands, a suburb just east of the city in Perth, Western Australia. It’s an older suburb with streets full of the cutest cottage style houses and close to some of the best cafes & shops in Perth. I’ve only been here a month or so now, but it’s safe to say I am a little bit in love!


What fills your day?

I am a barista at a café in Perth’s Northern Suburbs and a student in my last year of university, studying a double major in Psychology & Counselling. Between those two occupations and as well as being a wife, I’m kept pretty busy but always finding time to prioritise my family and friends.


Why Sceenry?

Why not Sceenry!? I am so beyond excited to see where this travel journal goes! I have seen it start as a flicker of a dream in Sophie’s heart to becoming a reality and it’s such a blessing to be apart of making that dream come to life. It’s an incredible opportunity for me to let loose my more creative side, which I love because work and uni don’t allow a whole lot of room for that.


What is your role as production assistant?

As production assistant I have the privilege to directly assist our wonderful Founder & Editor in the creation of Sceen’ry. My position particularly revolves around the actual print magazine and assisting in the content, layout and construction of the travel journal.


What is your favourite season and why?

My favourite season is definitely Spring! I have always been a warm weather girl and there’s nothing more exciting to me than those first days of hot weather teasing that Summer is just around the corner. Perth Summer can be intensely hot so I think Spring has to be the best of both worlds in terms of temperature. I could go on forever about why I love Spring, but my all time favourite part would be when the Jacaranda trees come into bloom and the streets turn this incredibly stunning purple. There is really nothing like it, plus it reminds me that my birthday is only a few weeks away!


What is your favourite thing to do in your free time?

Most of my free time is taken up with spending time with my husband, our family or my friends and I wouldn’t have it any other way. However when I do get some extra free time, I love finding cute new cafes or spending all the money I don’t have on home wares.


What does adventure look like to you?

Adventure to me is jumping in the car with the hubby and driving somewhere we’ve never been before, no map, just seeing what we can find. Alternatively, adventuring somewhere along the West Australian coast with a group of friends has created some of the best memories. I’d say having no agenda and just seeing where the road takes me is my type of adventure! 


What is your dream travel destination?

I would absolutely love to go to Hawaii again. I’ve been once before and adored everything about it. However my dream would be next time to go to one of the less touristy islands to explore the landscape and get immersed in the culture. Any place with warm weather, the ocean and mountains is high up on my list.


Favourite quote?

“The fact that our heart yearns for something Earth can’t supply is proof that Heaven must be our home” – C.S. Lewis


Any advice you have to give to the readers?

My only advice for you wonderful people comes from a lesson that I am currently trying to teach myself. Find beauty, find joy and find adventure in your day-to-day life! Traveling is absolutely incredible and obviously what we are all about here at Sceen’ry, but if we constantly live with our heads dreaming of other places we will miss the adventure that’s right in front of us or maybe right behind us, in our backyards. 

Noosa - Queensland.

Noosa - Queensland.

Thanks Britt, we are so excited to see whats ahead with you on the team!


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