Meet - Desiree Maas

- Meet Desiree - 

Content Manager

Though you may have read a little and seen a little more about our content manager on our website or Instagram pages, we wanted to introduce you to Desiree in a way that would make her feel even more like family and less like a distant cousin. This woman has so much up her sleeve that many don't know about, but if you give her the time and the opportunity, she will be sure to blow you away with her creativity and love for adventure. 

Where do you live?

I have lived in Kansas City, Missouri for nearly fourteen years. Residing in a location that is near the Stateline, which divides the states of Kansas and Missouri. My neighborhood is filled with old two level houses inhabited by quaint neighbors and friends. It is, in my opinion, the perfect location within 15 minutes from the suburb of Leawood and the downtown city area. I enjoy the option of the hometown feel and the big city vibes that is in reach every day.


What fills your day?

I am a full-time student studying a degree in Graphic and Interior Design, while contracting with different companies my days are constantly filled. It is important to me to make time for the people I care most about and pair it with a brief or all day adventure, spontaneous ones are sometimes my favorite. 


Why Sceenry?

Oh, this question makes me leap on the inside. I could genuinely talk for hours about my passion behind the vision for Sceen’ry, but I’ll keep it brief. Traveling to countless locations across the world there has been a desire to tell the stories of so many individuals paired with their culture, background and passions. It has been a life long dream to be a travel journalist and to finally be apart of something that gives the opportunity for so many to share their stories, talents, and adventures is simply perfection. It doesn’t hurt that I get to do it with dear friends.


What is your role as a Content Manager?

As the Content Manager of Sceen’ry I have the opportunity to be personally connected to the contributors our blog and ultimately the print magazine. Managing and editing the contributor’s stories, interviews, and travel tips also entails coming up with ideas, vision, and plans for the blog along side the Editor and Chief.


What is your favorite season and why?

I have two and they are truthfully equal to me, they are Spring and Fall. Spring because it reminds me of the bloom of a new season, which fills my heart with the joy of the beauty to come and the lovely weather that brings hope after the winter. Fall is equally a favorite because it means that the holidays are nearing and it is especially welcomed after a boiling summer here in KC.


What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

My free time is usually spent with my people; ya know, the ones you can just be you with. Well, I enjoy my people who are my family and friends, making any time with them feels relaxing and enjoyable. Either spent venturing the city limits with a coffee in hand or a delightful a home hang with tea, classical music in the background, and delightful conversations.


What does adventure look like to you?

Ad·ven·ture is defined as - an unusual and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory. An adventure, in my opinion, is up to the adventurer. Whether one enjoys the unknown or familiar excursions is up to them. As long as you are venturing out with a goal to explore, that is the beauty of an adventure to me.


What is your dream travel destination?

 At the moment my dream destination is Europe, specifically Italy and Ireland. I’ve yet to travel these parts, so in my life long dream I hope to explore the big open valleys and hills of Ireland with mouth dropping cliffs along the coast line. Italy is an equal dream destination for their roman historic sites, Almalfi Coast, delicious foods, and lovely culture. Sharing about these dream destinations fuels the fire in my heart to go, oh to travel these lands. I hope it comes to pass soon.



Favourite quote?

“What makes us human is not our mind but our heart, not our ability to think but our ability to love”- Henri Nouwen

“Beautiful things do not ask for attention” – Walter Mitty


Any advice you have to give to the readers?

Always be aware of the adventures around you waiting to be explored. Traveling the world is not always the answer for adventure. Take opportunity at hand and look around you, the best adventures are usually the ones we least expect. 


If there is any questions that we have missed that you would like to ask, let us know!



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