Meet - Sophie Cottrell

Meet Sophie

 - Founder and Editor - 




Though you know our founder in many ways, we wanted you to have a chance to get to know her a little better in a more personal way through an interview we had with her below. Enjoy reading over the back story of this lovely lady, especially for those of you who do not reside in Perth, Australia. 


Where do you live?

Perth, Western Australia. Born and raised and proud of it.


What do you do?

I am a part-time barista at a busy and beachside restaurant in Perth's North and full-time girl boss for Sceen’ry. With not much time to spare between those two, I spend the rest with my little crew, sipping on the best local wine we can find and dreaming of all the adventures we can take.


Why Sceen’ry?

As you may have read, I found that there was a gap in the market for adventurers and explorers who were wanting to show their part of the globe to those who wish to visit or dream about going to. I wanted to create a platform for a deeper story to be told of each of these cities and to give the creative space to share their work. This means that I get the privilege to meet so many creatives and business women that are incredibly inspiring and I get to look at some of the most beautiful images all day long. It's definitely a lot of work, but completely worth it.  


What is your role as Editor?

I curate a lot of content that is passed through to me, as well as design, create and liaise with everything to do with the print journal. Basically anything to do with the day to day running of Sceen’ry, I am the point person. 


What is your favourite season and why?

Definitely would have to say Spring. I am a sucker for wearing jeans and a t-shirt pretty much every day, so a combination of warm and cool days makes my heart happy. As well as knowing that summer is on its way, which means more time for fun and adventure soaking up the rays at the beach.


What are your favourite things to do in your free time?

Free time isn’t very common in my life these days, but I would definitely say anything to do with coffee, food and my favorite people is definitely my jam. Probably my number one though is finding a new local cafe, with stunning interiors and yummy food so I can take a million photos and find out more about their story. 


What does adventure look like to you?

It looks like going outside of the norm, bringing my camera and capturing something that requires a little more effort and is outside my usual activity. It also means taking on something that is beyond your usual comfort zone, going to events that you may never go alone, and reaching for something that you aren't sure will be the most predictable of situations but may very well surprise you in the best way.


What is your dream travel destination?

Iceland, Iceland, Iceland. Ever since I was in my teens a friend who went there showed me photos and I have dreamt about visiting ever since. Norway, Sweden and Finland are definitely going to be included on that trip, whenever I get to go. I think being that I was born and raised near the ocean, I dream of adventuring to places that are cold and the terrain is completely different.


Favorite quote?

“Love well.” This is a quote from one of my best friends and, to be honest, it’s my life motto. If we love people well there is so much fruit, not just for us, but also for them and those that know them.


Any advice you have to give to the readers?

Be a little bit daring and think beyond the usual.  If you dream about it, you can do it, so dream a little bigger and don't stop till you have the result in your hand. Anything is possible if you make the choice to make it happen. And don't doubt your own instincts, no body knows you better than you know yourself.



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