Airport Coffee Shops

We all have those long flights, layovers, or early bird specials that leave us craving or desperately needing a decent cup of coffee. So when you are looking for one to enjoy whilst waiting for your flight in the airport and would like to change it up from the normal Starbucks beverages, step out and try a few of the shops listed below. We love sipping on a delicious cup of coffee when traveling, so we are sharing a few of our favorite airport coffee shops world wide with you. We hope you get to experience one of these in the near future. Enjoy.




The Plant Cafe.

Located in Terminal two of San Francisco International Airport is this local, organic and incredibly created cafe. Each of their products are 100% organic, in season and local to the Bay Area. They serve Blue Bottle Coffee here, which is roasted with precision and perfection. Not only do they serve coffee, but fresh juices, salads and an array of organic foods. They cater for everyone, so make sure you get a chance to check them out if you are in the area. To find out more check out their website here


Joe & The Juice.

Winning the award as the best airport coffee shop, Joe & The Juice is the best spot for a quick or leisure cup of coffee. Known for their creatively flavored lattes and freshly made juices, this coffee shop is a place to stop by on your way to you gate for your next flight and one you won’t forget. Located in the Copenhagen Airport. To scroll their creative menu find them here


Pacific Coffee Company.

This coffee shop is located in the Hong Kong International Airport. A perfect spot to not only grab a delightful cup of coffee, but also a freshly produced and lovely presented pastry. Stopping in this shop will help your layover be less taxing and make it an experience you’ll want to go back to. Have a look at their delicious pastries and coffee’s here


Dot Com Cafe.

With a classy feel that raises the bar for your normal cafe this coffee shop give you an airy space with white walls and modern design. It is the perfect environment to sit and enjoy a delicate coffee or a lovely glass of wine with a friend or business partner. This classy shop is located in the Chicago MidWay International Airport.



A cafe that serves proudly and freshly made pastries is Paul Cafe. This cafe is devoted to preparing freshly made products to bring each customer the best experience. If it’s your first time or fiftieth, you will experience the fruit of they inspiration in every visit. This is a perfect stop if you are in need of a fresh french pastry and a delicately made cup of coffee. This specific shop is located in many countries, but specifically in the Dubai international Airport.


6000 Acres.

Located in the Perth T1 arrivals lounge, this brand new cafe will be sure you give your tired tastebuds a good wake up call. With locally roasted beans and an array of pastries as well, it will surprise you to find this spot in the airport. Definitely better than the typical coffee you expect to find in airports. Give this one a try next time you are in Western Australia.


The Metropolis.

Working hard for brilliant results is what fuels this roasting coffee company. In their motto “Reward is finer when earned, and coffee is sweeter when challenged” it is evident where their goals lie. Striving to set a neighborly, friendly atmosphere for every visitor or regular in their shop. The endless blends served at this shop is beautiful, the most popular is their Schweik's Blend that they describe as having a “unique cognac-like balance”. So if you are in Chicago O’Hare Airport be sure to give them a quick visit and order this or one of their array of blends on hand. More info is on their site, which can be visited here



Starting from the bottom and rising to the top is the story behind this unique coffee shop. Taking the time to intricately design and produce the perfect ambiance for each location, this team always takes the hand on approach to every task, including their coffee. Known all through New Zealand as independent roasting and cafe run business, they find their joys in the odd names they give each blend. “Dr. Mojo’s Medicine and The Injection” is just a few of their creative ways to entice the outsider to try their deliciously made coffee. When traveling through New Zealand in the Wellington International Airport stop by and enjoy a laugh and a great cup of coffee. Check out their site here



If there are any special coffee shops you love in the airports you frequently travel through, give us a shout and tell us about them. We are always looking



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