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We are a travel magazine and therefore we want to share with you our favorite sites to use when traveling the world for all types of trips. We look back and see how much we would have loved to of known this information when traveling, so we are so happy to share these tips and tricks with you. Enjoy and let us know sites you use that we haven’t mentioned below.


- Sites -

TheFlightDeal. is a great site to view for last minute flights. There are many mistake flights that get posted on this site for a short period of time before they are corrected, this allows for budget friendly prices for flights you need. If you see a cheap flight be aware that you only have a few hours to book it in order to book it for the price shown before it gets corrected.



This is a site that works like a search engine to find the cheapest flights for your destination and also includes what is called “throwaway tickets”. Throwaway tickets are tickets that are cheaper because they are to destination that are less popular, so the search engine will look for surrounding airports and cities near the destination you desire and gives you tickets that are significantly cheaper.



This is my go to website for all flight checks. The great thing about Skyscanner is, rather than go through all different sites to compare, they show you the cheapest and fastest way to get there. Skyscanner is not a booking site, but rather searches for the perfect flight for you and then redirects you to the site you choose to book through. Make sure you check all fare rules before you purchase any of your tickets and ensure that you are paying in your local currency as this can alter the price of the fare dramatically.



This is a recommendation we have specifically for traveling in the United States. This site is the most common and reliable for cheap flights in comparison to other traveling sites. They also have a bidding option for hotels and flights that allows you rank your desired level of quality, usually in star rating, and put your bid in to get the flight or hotel in your location that is equivalent to your standards to the quality level you chose.



- Tips -


When traveling overseas or to other countries make sure you check to see if it is cheaper to book a flight or hotel with another currency. It may be cheaper using other currencies do to the value of the dollar during the time you book. Keep in mind that it is important to use a credit card or payment that is free of foreign transaction fees.


Don’t Wait.

We have found that it is rarely beneficial to wait to book your flights, especially to popular locations and overseas cities and destinations. If you know the dates of your trip don’t wait to book your flights, especially if it is over a holiday or a specific date that does not allow for flexibility. We can almost guarantee that the prices will not drop the longer you wait.


Points and Rewards.

We can not stress this enough, use reward cards and build up your points. Go the extra mile and take the time to sign up to earn point with every flight to allow for free flights in the future or for your next adventure. Points also contribute to hotels, car rentals and many other traveling essentials. Be sure to read the fine print for fees and other hidden rates. Who knows, you may be able to take a spontaneous vacation with the points you save. 



Let us know if there are sites or tips you have experienced or found über helpful. Look forward to hearing for you guys. 

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