editor in chief & creative director

Sophie Cottrell
With a background in travel and tourism and a love of design and the print media, Sophie's heart for Sceen'ry is more than to merely create a magazine, but rather inspire and ignite people with the secrets of the globe, as well as to encourage people to go beyond their back fence and to find beauty in the every day, rather than forgetting what they are surrounded by. You will find her on a plane, at the beach or in her local coffee shop with her camera and bestie in tow.

Design and refinement manager

Tabitha Babcock
Most days you can find Tabitha somewhere outdoors, dancing around, enjoying the seasons. She is an award winning designer, who is curious and driven. Believing concept drives aesthetics, she works hard to blend minimal design with subtle promptings. Her love for culture and experiencing life in new places blend perfectly with the message Sceen’ry holds. In championing Sceen’ry, she desires to give voice to the true character of individual communities. 



Desiree Maas
Exploring and experiencing the intricacy of culture and noticing the commonly unseen moments in life, Desiree’s vision for Sceen’ry is to give a platform for the stories of the unseen to be shared and for creative’s to be freed to express. A passion and experience in minimalistic design and a unique eye for simplicity in aesthetics, this visionary spends her pastime soothing her knack to explore, reading novels, spending quality time with ones she holds dear, and capturing those unseen moments.